Welcome to YA Horror, my new blog where I review (mostly) YA horror novels. Occasionally a middle grade or possibly even a children’s book may show up here. I may even occasionally put out a movie recommendation.

The genesis for this sight came from my tenure as the Teen Service librarian at my local library. Not only did I arrange programming for local middle and high school students, but I managed our young adult collection as well. At one point, I was asked by some of the other area librarians to help beef-up the YA Reader’s Advisory collection, in particular for the YA horror section. As a life long horror fan, this was perfect work for me, and I missed doing it once I left the library. While I have another blog, where I discuss horror movies and general horror fiction, I decided I wanted to keep reading and reviewing YA horror as well, but that that particular interest needed its own page. So I founded this site as well. I hope you enjoy.

And if you’re interested, you can check my other page at:


Hope you enjoy!

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